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Holistic Coaching & Support

This is now a prominent offering that I’ve decided to formally add to our website. 

These coaching sessions are tailored to meet the needs of the client in a concise and evidence based manner. 

They include:

  • planning email or phone call, outlining the wants and needs

  • A tailored hard copy of the session for reference (emailed copy also)

  • 2 hour coaching session at your home to unpack the issues & implement tools and strategies 

  • A nutritious meal so you have time and capacity to process the session

Investment: $220 per session 

Themes such as:

  • Relationship navigation for couples

  • Death & grief counselling 

  • Trauma informed therapy 

  • Understanding diagnosis of mental health 

  • Creating boundaries and reconciling the overwhelm of new parenthood

  • Understanding & responding to The Matrescence 

If you are ready and wanting a road map, holistic strategies and one on one support to work systematically through things, then please get in touch.


021 773532



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